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Faux Fur Fabric / Fake Faux Fur Fabric (Long Pile)

Faux Fur fabric is mainly made from man-made fibers such as acrylic and polyester. Faux Fur Fabric is a great substitution for real animal fur because it is animal conscience, it mimics popular animal designs, and it is economical in price. Additionally, you can design patterns and colors not found in nature. Here at Big Z Fabric we the manufacture as well as the distribute of our own faux fur brand called EcoShag®. Because of this we are able to control quality, design, color, and price to suit the needs of our differing clientele. We carry a wide selections of colors as well as solid shaggy faux furs in different size pile lengths ranging from ½ an inch all the way to 4 inches. The sizes start from our half shag, to short shag, to traditional shaggy, then to gorillaMongolian and finally monster furs. We also carry animal furs and fun furs you do not usually find in real life. Our faux furs can be used for costumes, home décor, plush toys, and much more. We stock thousands of rolls and ship directly from our warehouse located in the heart of the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles.

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