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Faux Fur Fabric

Faux Fur is mainly made from man-made fibers such as acrylic and polyester. Faux Fur Fabric is a great substitution for real animal fur because it is animal conscience, it mimics popular animal designs, and it is economical in price. Additionally, you can design patterns and colors not found in nature. Cleaning faux fur fabric is also encouraged and many of our customers have their own processes that protect the faux fur attributes they value most in their creations. Finally, storing faux fur is much easier than traditional fur because it is far more durable and the long (or short) pile bounces back to act the way it was intended.

You can find many interesting ways to use, create, and care for faux fur fabric on our blog.

EcoShag® Faux Fur Is Environmentally Friendly

Here at Big Z Fabric we are the manufacturer as well as the distribute of our own faux fur brand called EcoShag®. We work directly with the manufacturing process to ensure that there is minimal waste and that we utilize recycled sources as much as possible.  Our EcoShag® fabric line is just one small way that we contribute to a more sustainable planet and hope it encourages more use of faux fur fabric more broadly.


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