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Wholesale Spandex Fabric

Spandex Fabrics:

Spandex fabric is probably best known to be  used in  applications that require flexibility and comfortability.   That means that  leggings, athletic apparel and clothes, dancing wear, and other active lifestyle clothes use spandex .  The Spandex material is extremely durable and can stretch  three times its un-stretched length. And because Spandex is durable as well that means it can be used in  active settings and withstand many wash cycles while maintaining its elasticity.  Big Z Fabric offers a huge variety of  Spandex options for your project. We carry a variety of colors and patterns:


Spandex Sequin Fabric:

Sequins come in a variety of sizing and shapes and are stiched to the Sequin Spandex Fabric. It is sold by the yard and continuous yards. We sell a variety of patterns and prints of our sequin spanex fabrics.  In fact, we're adding new options all the time! Below are three examples that you could find on our site right now.

Polyester Spandex Fabric:

This is made of 95% Polyester with 5% of Spandex. The width of the fabric is 58" inches, and is sold by the yard and in continuous yards Some of our poly spandex fabric is 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric. We carry a wide variety of poly spandex and you can see a few of our favorite examples below:

Nylon Spandex Fabric:

We have nylon spandex fabrics with 80% nylon with 20% of spandex as well as mixes of 92% nylon and 8% spandex fabric. The width of the fabric is 58'/60" inches, and is sold by the yard and in continuous yards.We have many mixes of nylon spandex fabrics and you can buy from our huge stock included those below:

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Spandex fabrics are the most mostly fabric used for hosiery, swimsuits, exercise wear, socks, surgical hose, undergarments, gloves, cycling shorts, wrestling suits, rowing suits, specialized clothing like zentai suits, motion capture suits, denims, due to its comfort and fit.

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