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Neoprene Fabric


Neoprene or Neoprene Bonded Sponge Fabric is a rubber based product that comes in either in an open cell or closed cell form. Bonded Neoprene has waterproof capabilities and is a great fabric for heat insulation, wet suits, medical products, braces, sportswear, laptop covers, and more. Big Z Fabric manufactures and distributes their own brand of bonded neoprene sponge fabric. They come in various mm sizes (1mm-5mm) and in 3 respective colors. This is the only material that is sold by the foot, by the yard, and by the roll.  Neoprene Scuba Techno is an imitation version of bonded neoprene but lacks the rubber center. Scuba techno is great for fashion, clothing, and accessories.

Follow along with our new neoprene fabric colors and inventory announcements on our blog.

What are the differences between our Neopren Fabrics?

If you are looking for wetsuit material neoprene then we recommend that you shop our Neoprene Waterproof Wetsuit Fabric. This will be best for use in or around water.  Our double-knit neoprene can be a great liner for the other neoprene or is a more all purpose neoprene that is stretchy and can be used for leggings or other projects.  Our bonded waterproof wetsuit neoprene is also available in several thicknesses and can be bought by the foot instead of by the yard which most other fabrics are available in.

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