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Mesh Fabric


Mesh fabric is loosely woven or knitted fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes. This material is essential for most dresses found at every clothing/apparel enterprise.  Mesh is commonly used in combination with lacesequinsvinyl and beaded material. Moreover, there are infinite designs made with mesh combination fabrics that include floralgeometricdamaskmermaidholographic and abstract. In conclusion, mesh fabric is utilized for dresses, fashion, apparel, decorations, under lining and accessories. We have a great selection of mesh fabrics available at our warehouse in Los Angeles. 

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Reasons to shop Mesh Fabric

Mesh is frequently used for modern sports jerseys and other clothing like hosiery and lingerie. It is also used for applications that require versatility, durability, and strength. The innate chemical properties of this polyamide make its fibers resistant to wear from bending or stretching..