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Lace Fabric


Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open web like pattern, made by machine or by hand. There are many different types of lace out their but we are familiar with guipure lace (heavy thread lace) embroidery lace(designed lace) and flat lace. On top of that, Lace is so often used with other beautiful materials such as meshbeads, pearls, sequins, and chiffon. Lace is the epicenter of fashion because it is used for dresses, lining, décor, lingerie, accessories, wedding dresses, and costumes. More than that, our elegant laces have unique embroidery and come in floraldamaskgeometric and Swirl designs simply to name a few. Our staff is more than glad to assist you if you come to visit us in our warehouse in the Los Angeles district. 

The many uses of Lace can be found in our blog HERE

Reasons to shop Lace Fabric

The Lace fabric is extensively used in home decor products and in the clothing industry. The mesh like appearance gives a classy and delicate touch to a fabric. Narrow ones are used as trims, while broader ones are used as decorative on curtains, table cloths, and outfits.