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Fleece Fabric


Fleece fabric is a soft, warm fabric with a fluffy texture , used for blankets and lining. Fleece fabric is usually made out of 100% Polyester. Fleece fabric comes large selection of prints that can be used to make products for all ages.  The categories consist solidanimalbaby printscamouflagecartoonsDisney and super hero prints among others. Almost all our fleeces are anti-pill, which is a treatment added to the fabric to reduce the accumulation of fuzzy fleece balls that come with wear and cleaning.  Fleece fabric can be used, but not limited to, blankets, covers, quilts, clothing, and sportswear

Things to consider when buying Fleece Fabric by the Yard

All of our fleece fabrics have at least 1 side that is anti-peel which helps the fabric maintain its softness and texture for longer and through multiple washes.  Be sure to check out our Fleece Fabric Care information for tips on maintaining your fleece fabric creations. With our fleece all you really need to consider is the print or solid color that you prefer!

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