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Flannel Fabric


Flannel is a kind of soft-woven fabric, typically made of wool or cotton or synthetic fiber. Our fine selection is composed of cotton and/or polyester that subjects to change based on texture.  Moreover, our flannel comes in various designs and weight for adjusted comfort. For instance, our designs are made up of tartan plaidfloralbaby printsolid and licensed products.  On the other hand, we also carry heavy tartan plaid flannel for those who want a higher grade of quality fabric that weighs heavier than normal flannel. The product is used for apparel, seasonal wear, accessories, baby blanket, baby clothing, bed spreads, quilting and toys. The items are kept in a safe storage in our Los Angeles warehouse.

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Flannel fabric is made in plain or twill weave, usually with carded yarns. It is napped, most often on both sides, the degree of napping ranging from slight to so heavy that the twill weave is obscured. Fibre composition and amount of napping are dependent on the intended use, commonly used to make tartan clothing, blankets, bed sheets, and sleepwear. The fabric is well known for its extreme softness and warmth, which is a result of the loosely spun yarn.

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