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Wool Fabric


Wool Fabric is a warm, sometimes fuzzy in nature, material that is made from sheep fur. Many times wool fabric is mixed with polyester or other man-made fibers during production. Wool fabric is mainly used for coats, jackets, peacoat, clothing, historical replications and more. Our selection of wools are made from 100% wool a combination of  nylon and polyester depending on the style.  We have various designs of wool that are considered unique items and others that are popular thanks to their prestigious names like Victor Woolen Mills and Pendleton. We also carry melton wools and suiting weight wools. Our warehouse is located in the fashion district were our attentive staff can fulfill your fabric needs

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Reasons to shop Wool Fabric

The most common usage is making winter clothes because this fibre is warm and thick enough to resist cold, in addition to clothing, wool has been used for blankets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, carpeting, insulation and upholstery. Wool felt covers piano hammers, and it is used to absorb odors and noise in heavy machinery and stereo speakers.

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