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Poly Cotton Fabric

Poly cotton is made from a blend of polyester and cotton materials. This easy to work with and universal fabric is for clothing, foundation garments, bed spreads, pillow cases, scrubs, quilting and other apparel applications. On top of that, our selection consist of various theme patterns such as polka dotfruit designsfloralpaisley bandanastriped,zig zag and animal prints. Even so, we also have twill poly cotton blended products that are suitable for much heavier projects. Poly cotton is affordable and in stock at our Los Angeles warehouse.

Learn how to use cotton and other fabrics in our blog by following the link below HERE

Reasons to shop our Poly Cotton Blends - 65/35 & More

Polyester and cotton combine to make a hybrid fabric that is stretchy, tough, breathable, soft and also very affordable. These characteristics make the material a popular option for a wide range of clothes, it won't lose its shape even after a good deal of wear and tear and snap back into shape pretty quickly.

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