Monday, October 14, 2019
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    DIY Toilet Paper Holder Materials:
    Cotton Fabric Toilet Paper Holder Skill Level: Basic Time: 1-2 hours Looking at my very ugly and very small bathroom the other day, I thought, “What can I do to spruce up this place a little?” My cat wanted me to make a bed for him (he loves the bathroom for some reason), but I told him there wasn’t enough room for...
    Cotton Heating Cooling Pad
    Personal Heating/Cooling Pad Skill Level: Beginner Time (approximately): 1 hour Do you suffer from hot flashes? Cold flashes? Headaches? Before you reach for those pain pills, why don’t you try a personal heating/cooling pad? Just pop it in the microwave or freezer to use on headaches, sunburns, and even cold nights. These little gems are simple and quick to make. With just...
    From the artistic minds of the De Leon Design Group comes Heart Of Darkness Gray Cotton fabric. This is a gothic apocalyptic print that has skulls, flames and the death perfect to make out-of-the-box quilting projects, clothing, home decorations and more. This piece of imaginative work is perfect for people that love the horror genre, scary movies, ghost and...