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Bloom As The Rainforest Does

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The rainforest in full bloom is a riot of color and shape. This is really no different, except that it’s a fabric and comes in a dozen distinct colors fixed atop a semi-sheer nude mesh, stretching 56 inches across. The pattern is both repeating and massive, taking up almost the entire width of the fabric, and every yard sells for $29.99.

Because of the pattern’s size, this fabric may be best suited for home decor, but could make a beautiful skirt draping or lace wings on a lady’s gown. To limit waste and maximize your recycling with this material, try to use every stitch you can. Strips can be trimmed with small bits of lace and used as delicate curtain cords, whereas squares can be fixed to clothes for a bit of new color. If all else evades you, gather up your fragments; a shadowbox can be used for photo frames, hung on the wall, or given to friends.

Although it is nearly transparent, the mesh backing is still colored. It may change the color of a fabric lain beneath it, so you should pin it into position and determine if it matches your vision before sewing it into place.

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Floral Rainforest Dress Lace Fabric

The Power Of Lace: Strong And Gorgeous

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If you’re careful, you can cut down the center of this beautiful beaded lace to have two sets of this pattern. If you don’t mind sacrificing some of it, you can have a lot more than two pieces!

Done up in four pale colorations, each yard of this careful lacework is sold for $45.99 with finished edges 48 to 58 inches apart. Done atop a sheer mesh, it features carefully stitched flowers and leaves on top for a beautiful three-dimensional style, with beads scattered throughout them. Bead work is also stitched into careful rows for an extra touch of eye-catching beauty.

Because of the size of the pattern, it’s not recommended for smaller projects like handbags, although it could be used for decoration by being carefully pinned to the wall. Real use might be seen in dresses as an overlay over a bolder fabric, or even on everyday clothes to wear when you have a mighty need to feel extra pretty and confident throughout the day. Because of the way it’s done up, this would make exquisite lingerie, especially if a bit of ribbon is worked in to hide a cut seam or broken pattern line without seeming misplaced there.

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Fabric You Can Feel At Night

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Embossing is a three-dimensional state usually used for signage, but who says it can’t be used to craft your favorite boots or vests? Made thoroughly from vinyl and sporting a felt backing, this material can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth to keep the iguana dot pattern looking shiny and new. Every yard sells for $11.99, lays out to cover a full 53 inches with zero stretching, and comes in four bold color choices.

This is actually an upholstery material, intent for things such as chair cushions and backing, but you can also use it for picture frames or to stitch yourself a purse. If you’re unafraid of washing it often, this would make an interesting table cloth that would double as a conversational piece, since vinyl is often water resistant.

A child’s bedroom could also be an excellent place to use this material for projects. Either use it as a removable wall covering, or set about building a soft headboard with matching tactile blankets. If you have scraps you don’t know what to do with, consider brightening up your cloths with patches or accessories. Build small gift bags, or craft unique key-chain ornaments that no one else has.

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