Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Soft & Cuddly with Minky Fabric

color card fabric swatch
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Get the soft and cuddly feel you love with our Minky Fabric. Our ultra soft, comfortable fabric is used for many different creations. It’s perfect for baby blankets, clothing, stuffed animals, and toys. This fabric is perfect for babies to hold for security and comfort. Minky fabric is warm and durable as well. We wish you could feel this fabric through the screen!

Our Minky Fabric is offered in various colors like dark purple, charcoal, canary yellow, and hunter green. Big Z Fabric’s Minky’s Solid Baby Soft Fabric is 58″/60″ in width and has a one-way stretch. It is made from 100% Polyester. Our Minky Fabric is sold by the yard and is shipped in continuous yards.

If you need to color match for a DIY project, you can also order fabric samples to ensure the color matches your vibe! As always, please be sure to share your creations with us for a chance to be features on our Instagram feed @BigZFabric.

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Make Your Fourth of July DIY’s POP 💥

dog with scarf
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Pop some fireworks full of style with our Fourth of July prints. Our soft, comfortable fabrics are perfect for all of your Independence Day projects. You can make patriotic no-sew fleece blankets perfect for watching fireworks while staying nice and warm. Our cotton fabric with a festive print is great for picnic decoration, home decor and even clothing such as summer scarves!

Big Z Fabric’s American Print Polar Fleece Fabric is thick and cozy. It’s woven and lightweight for warmth and quality. This fabric is extremely easy to work with as you create a new Fourth of July masterpiece. This fabric is 2 side brushed, and 1 side is anti-pill. This makes the fabric stand up to the formation of little fleece balls on your garments.

Our Poly Cotton American Print Fabric is made of Polyester and Cotton. It’s durable and stylish. You can also make Fourth of July handkerchiefs and pillow cases, along with all clothing and decorations. Big Z Fabric’s Fourth of July prints are sold by the yard, and in continuous yards. 

Re-do Your Furniture with Velboa Faux Fur

white faux fur bench
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We are excited to highlight our high quality faux fur with our new Velboa Faux Fake Fur Solid Short Pile Fabric. Offered in over a dozen colors, this faux fur is perfect for all kinds of projects. It’s great for blankets, toys, costumes, stuffed animals, and children’s clothing. You can also create gorgeous faux fur benches, upholstery items or other pieces of furniture in many different colors and patterns.

Velboa Faux Fake Fur Solid Short Pile Fabric looks and feels like real animal fur with the fraction of the cost. It has a realistic animal skin look with its low nap fake fur made of 100% Polyester. Our Velboa Faux Fur is also durable and comfortable. It has a width of 58/60″. Big Z Fabric sells our Velboa Faux Fake Fur Solid Short Pile Fabric by the yard and in continuous yards.

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