Neoprene Fabric for Weekend Tote Bags

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Big Z sells an assortment of colors and patterns of neoprene fabric.  We have thicknesses that range from 1mm to 5mm. That’s quite a range to pick from when deciding what project you want to undertake.  We recently ran into an article from Business Insider about a neoprene weekend bag that got us excited for our customers.

Obviously the ease of buying a bag outright is something to consider, but you could save more than $100 easily by making your own bag using Big Z Fabric.  That’s right! We sell most of the materials you would need to mimic another bag similar to one featured in the linked article. In fact, if you have a bit of experience under your belt you could create a bag that meets your exact needs with an opportunity to customize the color and pattern to meet your personality.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the article writer, Ellen Hoffman, described the bag as one of the “most versatile and stylish weekend bags”.

Weekend Tote Bag Recommendations:

  • Compartments for devices and junk: ok maybe it’s not junk, but a tote bag that has a sleeve or an area for a book and keys and your phone is ideal.  You could choose to use neoprene for those or perhaps mix up the fabric used and stitch together a pocket using mesh fabric, suede fabric, or spandex.
  • Hand washable: your weekend will likely be spent outside or on the move.  Coffee stored in a custom pouch or snacks snugged into a sleeve may spill. Luckily our high quality neoprene fabric is forgiving and can be cleaned.
  • Quick to dry: Neoprene sold by Big Z is similar to that found in other neoprene applications.  Just like wet suites, our neoprene is designed to dry quickly and can be taken to the beach, lake, or on a bike ride through a drizzle and dry off quickly.

You can get a sample of our Neoprene fabric for as low as $1 and can buy it by the yard for less than $13 per yard.  So before you think about spending $150 on a store sold bag and if you got a little creativity and know-how you should consider taking a look at our Neoprene Fabric selection along with our complimentary fabrics and decide if you could create your own personal ultimate weekend tote bag.



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Just Arrived – Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric

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Our Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric’s elegant design feature shiny round sequins forming a lattice pattern perfect for unique dresses, skirts, gowns & blouses. Also it can be used for home and party decorations and crafts. The possibilities are endless! This one of a kind sequins lace comes in champagne, gold and silver colors. This fabric has a width of 54 inches and is sold by the yard. There’s no doubt our Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric has you covered, get it now for only $12.99 per yard

Buy Now >> Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric


Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Champagne

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Champagne

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Gold

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Gold

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Silver

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Silver

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Coming Soon – A new fabric online shopping store

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Our shopping experience is powered by Magento and it has worked very well for us and our customers for years. We’ve built a great community of creative people that use us to buy their fabrics in bulk or to get enough samples to prototype an idea they are working through.  We created a website that offers new fabrics regularly and promotes clearance sales on fabrics when needed.

But like all great things there is still room for improvement. The underpinnings of our site are being upgraded to offer you a more streamlined shopping experience.  Our site should be faster and you should be able to request more detailed information from more types of products.  We are trying to accomplish a few goals with our website update:

  1. Better product filtering – find a variety of fabrics quicker using known features you want and discover more options that fit your design use case.
  2. Site navigation improvements – we are hoping to organize our fabric categories to meet your shopping analytics.  More meaningful categorization will help you get in, discover, and purchase the fabrics you need.
  3. Modern UI – we are going to have a brand new fresh design of our site to project the brand and community we have become proud to build with you.
  4. Upgraded backend indexing – this will allow our products to display in more areas of the internet natively so you can find us and our fabrics from any device
  5. Mobile friendly – HUGE! Our site is going to be so much more fun to shop on with your cellphone and mobile devices.  We hope this means you can find the perfect fabric right when inspiration strikes.

All of these improvements are going to make easier to use, navigate, and shop through.  We’ve been so happy with our customers all these years and are undertaking this project for all of them as well as all the new customers we hope to reach.  If you have any ideas or functions you feel we could include that would be helpful please let us know on Facebook or via email.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress and on the official launch date as it gets closer and nearer.

Happy 2017 to all our fabric designers, creators, and idea makers!


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Custom Fabric Project – Part 1

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We’re excited to begin highlighting our customer projects as they are shared with us.  We sometimes get some great photos of projects that our customers have made.  Our hope is that you get inspired to make something yourself and experience the joy and satisfaction that our happy customers have have when working with all our fabrics and patterns.

Cute Polar Fleece Fabric Candy Corn!

candy corn made of fleece fabric

custom fleece fabric project candy corn

This comes from our friends over at JFUFurry Sales!  These guys are no strangers to coming up with creative fabric uses and demonstrate that in this neat and simple project.  This project was made by using our polar  fleece fabrics.  These fabrics are great for cuddly projects like this stuffed candy corn.

Our fleece fabric is  intricately woven, it is made to maximize warmth and to feel of superior quality. The solid colors used in this project are also a light type of fabric that is easy for beginners to sew and work with.  This is made of 3 of the many different colors and prints that are available in our store.

Shop Fleece Fabric Online

You could have just as easily made this candy corn out of a baseball print fleece (great for the 2017 Baseball Season!)  You can shop for bulk sports fleece fabric and find your favorite teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers Fleece Fabric or the Yankees Fleece Fabric

We are always offering sales and clearance pricing on these fabrics and more so you should check our store often to see if inspiration and savings strike at the same time!  Check out our Discount Fabric Online .

We hope to also start with some simple how to’s to help beginners create as well.  One thing that Big Z Fabric prides itself on is our willingness an openess to talk with you on the phone to help you find and purchase the right fabric for your project.  Please contact us or reach out to us on social media for any reason!  Thank you for creating and shopping with us!

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